Monday, 31 January 2011

Discovering London as a Fashion Student....

Pop up shop
LV Polka dot bag
Discovering London as a fashion student was one of the first projects we were given at the beginning of fashion school. I have lived in London for more than 6 years now but I never realised a lot of things. Pop-up shops, selfridges, new bond street, parks, museums, sample sales, markets, music festivals, clubs were a few of the places I went to with my friends from school. Walking round a museum, I understood immediately why we were given this project.... INSPIRATION. I was inspired by a lot of things, I wanted to make dresses out of leaves and prints in reference to fish scales on fabrics ☺. Art and fashion go hand in hand, a simple painting or a sculpture can inspire a designer even greenery, animals, food and weirdly enough deserts e.g Louis Vuitton polka dots bag inspired by macaroons. I can say that almost every nook and cranny in London breathes fashion, you just have to look hard, learn harder and play the hardest!!!

There were Loads of amazing paintings and designs.

And some that were just plain funny.

I always assumed that museums were very boring but a few we visited were not too bad. The Victoria and Albert museum was definitely one of my favorites and I would recommend it. It is definitely one of the greatest museums in art and design.

Sample sales are one of the things I live for in London. I go crazy when I see a sign that says SALE but when its a sample sale, I disappear lol.