Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Last quarter of 2010


From fashion conventions to dinner to school projects to clubbing and even celebrating my birthday, the last quarter of 2010 was amazing!!!! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, let me know what all the pictures in this post say lol.... ♥
Theresa and Tatiana at Merah
From clubs to after parties, London offers an amazing nightlife.

My childhood friend Ada moved to the UK for her masters.

We did eventually pole dance
And Olu came to visit from Houston...

Then my birthday came.....twice hehe
Steph and Dajana

Luca, Cherie and Carmen joined us

Club Runway turned out to be a hoot (as usual, I had no ID on me but they still let me in)

Pre Bday

Amber Rose
Amber Rose was at the club too. I absolutely love her!!!

Dinner at Cocoon

Lola and Lams came out

The rise of the mono

Ada looked tres hot
Birthday dinner at cocoon was fun. I would definitely recommend cocoon to anyone as their food was delish, environment was eerie, service was spot on and even the music rocked!!! Had my family there too so that made it extra special.

At the BNTM show
The BNTM (Britain's next top model) show was uber chic. I got free goodie bags, a pic of me as the front cover of company magazine, free makeovers and deals on clothes & shoes. My fave purchase was my red foot fold up pumps. Those pumps have been a life saver, I toss them in my purse before a night out and when the night is over, I take my heels off and slip them on... genius!!!

Every girl should have one
Diana Vickers performed.
And Melissa Odabash introduced her new line of fabulously stylish bikinis.

Halloween and fashion 2010 was a howl (pun intended)

There were some amazing costumes....

Anna WIntour and the Geisha
Another dinner

Introducing Candice and Pam
Saw Rihanna
At westfield

Another night out (ok now I can see why my mum thinks I'm always out)

Anita and Vanessa

My fellow fashion students
And another...

Steph, Pam and Zara
It was Chipmunks birthday

Tulisa and Fazer

Dinner at the hard rock cafe

No wonder I'm fat
Winter wonderland was fun (Definitely something to do during winter) mulled wine, ice-skating, cotton candy and all the rides we didn't go on haha.

Christmas dinner (yes another dinner)

At Fakhreldine Restaurant

And our final project / Last day of school...

Touch project

Angel and Maggie

Christmas was filling, had an amazing meal that consisted of pasta bake, goose, salmon, chicken wings, chocolate cake and cocktails. 2010 definitely ended with a bang but so far 2011 is looking preettttyyyyyy good from where I'm standing!!!!  ✔

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