Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines day ♥

Most people think valentines day is about a man and a woman exchanging gifts and going on dates and celebrating their love for each other, I beg to differ. My first valentines day gift was from my parents, every year they give me gifts not just to show they love me. I love the fact that they started this tradition because it helped me realize that valentines day is about love, not just loving one person but sharing that love with your friends and family.
Don't get me wrong like all girls I love flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, champagne, etc. I love the whole 'wooing' process. I woke up this morning with a phone call from my boyfriend (long distance) and tonight (time difference and all) we have a date on skype.
My point is valentines day can mean a lot of things to different people but generally it just means love. So raise your glass to those 3 little words we all want to hear......... "lets get n***d"!!! Happy valentines day everyone ;)

Monday, 7 February 2011

Love. Colors. Spring.

Welcome to spring!!!! My favorite picks from different shows for spring/summer 2011...

 Betsey Johnson's show was my fave. I can see myself wearing a lot of her outfits!!!

Betsey Johnson S S '11 ♥

Betsey Johnson S S '11 ♥

Betsey Johnson S S '11 ♥

Betsey Johnson S S '11 ♥

Betsey Johnson S S '11 ♥

Now I'm looking forward to LFW!!!

Anna Sui S S '11

Hermes S S '11

We BOWLING home...

On saturday, I decided to hang with the boys since I had been with my girlfriends all week. We decided to go bowling, ice skating, watch a movie and hit the clubs. Boys are just girls with shorter hair and different privates because we ended up ice skating ONLY lol. I wanted to be treated like one of the boys, I even threw in swear words in our convos but it did not work, they did not let me pay for anything.

I'm not complaining because I had so much fun!!!

Of course someone had to fall... I was with 6 guys and 5 of them fell (I'm not saying who)

After skating, we went to get our shoes.....

Someone took my friends air force one's and left their mucky 1999 Nike's for him. We were all in shock and at first it was annoying but it became hilarious!!! The manager came and after negotiating, arguing, raised voices and what not, he left in bowling shoes

and made 50 pounds on the original price of his shoes!!!

Beauty Files

My skin was never this clear, I was an acne infested teenager but over the years (and many beauty products later) I finally got it right.
I start off my morning using my Biore products. The pore unclogging scrub and steam activated cleanser are my favorite pick of the bunch.

Biore does not have an astringent anymore but clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser does the work.

Back to Biore, the moisturizer concludes my daily steps to good skin. I try to stick to one product instead of mixing and matching different products (with the exception of my clean and clear cleanser).

Moving on to make up, I love my MAC range. I use the prep and prime first as a base after I moisturize my face, it makes my skin feel smooth. Then I use my studio sculpt foundation and my mineralized powder on it. The mineralized skinfinish natural powder gives my skin a natural glow.

My skin can get very oily but with MAC (especially the blot powder), I can control the situation. Another reason why I love using MAC is PICTURES... or should I say 'the way I look in pictures'. I hate it when people take pictures and you can tell their foundation or powder isn't right for them. With MAC, you get the perfect blend!!!

Some of my favorite items in my portable make up bag (I carry it everywhere) are my concealer (for dark circles), blot powder (for my oily skin), Kajal (for bold eyes), lipgloss (chapped lips controller), and 2 lipsticks (rebel and urgent, both are MAC products).

I don't have a favorite perfume, I have a lot lol. Some of them are Miss Dior Cherie, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Gucci Guilty and V&R Eau Mega.

I love polishing my nails, I think colored nails is THE accessory.

White, black, red, fuschia pink, metallics, lilac and dark blue are my favorite colors for nails.

After a good night out, sometimes I'm too tired to wash my face but I hate waking up with panda eyes (not a good look) 

 With Biore towelettes, its goodbye panda eyes, hello smoother skin!!!!!

Useful Tips:

- Wash you face twice a day
- Don't use too many (different) products on your face i.e mixing neutrogina, clean and clear, clinique,  biore etc. Stick to one or two at most!!
- Exfoliate your body at least once a week
- Drink loads of water
- Eat loads of fruits
- Carex hand sanitizer is my best friend and it never leaves my bag. Find a sanitizer that works for you
- Never sleep with make up on
- A paddle brush works wonders
- Moisturize both your face and body.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Perfume crush: Jimmy Choo

I smelt Jimmy Choo's first perfume in Selfridges on the 20th of January 2011 and knew this was made for me. Not only does it come in a pretty amber - hued bottle, but the snakeskin inspired box will be hard to get rid of because they both exude glamour.

Tamara Mellon's (CEO) vision for Jimmy Choo from the beginning has been to completely accessorize a woman completely and this perfume is the ultimate accessory to me.
A sweet smelling blend of tiger orchid, toffee and patchouli, the scent was created for Jimmy Choo fans with care and lets face it, it is cheaper than their shoes and bags!!!

So Far This Year

The new year started with fireworks (Literally) and I couldn't have done it better. After watching the fireworks in Waterloo with Dajana and Stavros, we got in a rickshaw to studio valbonne for their new years party.

What a rickshaw looks like
I ♥ studio valbonne, it is one of my favorite clubs in London. With chart topping music, live dancers, four bars, its no surprise that celebs love it too!!

I danced all night long
One night, Dajana and Steph (two of my dolls from fashion school) decided we should stay in, cook healthy, have a bottle of wine and just chill.
1. We did NOT cook
2. We ordered pizza (very unhealthy)
3. We DID drink wine (among other things)
4. We did not chill lol

Ok we chilled for the 30 mins drive

Meet Steph

D & S

No Comment

No comment again

End of an amazing night
I think random nights out are the best... I was not dressed to go out but I still blended in pretty well (always wear heels).

My friend Lawunmi and I decided to do lunch and go shopping in the west end and guess who was promoting his new album (Hint: Last Train to Paris) with the girls from his new group?... Yup Diddy!! We were so excited and he did an impromptu performance with the girls, Kalenna Harper and Dawn Richard.

 I went for my internship interview wearing an animal print dress, a mac, tights and pumps. My cousin could not believe it, she thought I should be in black pants and a shirt (ewww, so not my thing) but I got the job anyway.

Dajana, Carmen and I decided to meet up with a few friends for coffee after school because it was one of those rare sunny days in London.

Yoga class
Ok after all the dinners and lunch and unhealthy eating, we decided to join a yoga class. Its a very good way to relax and keep fit (I can tell you another way ;))

Celebrating Chinese New Year
My friend Cherie invited a few of us to join her in celebrating the rabbits year and celebrate we did!!!

China Town

Old and new friends

This was just the beginning

and more

and even more

My friends complain that I'm always late (I say fashionably late) and the Chinese new year was no exception!! I was more than an hour late and its not easy looking for people in China town especially when you cant pronounce the shop names but I finally found my friends and soon enough, I realised I forgot something. I had my camera in my bag, my blackberry, my fold up pumps, my makeup bag, my earrings and even hand cream BUT no wallet!!! I did not remember leaving it at home so I started to panic. Tried calling my brother but his phone was going voicemail, after many tries and many voice messages, it rang 2 hours later. Panic over, my wallet was on my bed. He sent me a msg describing the color and make of my wallet and the man speaks fashion fluently lol.

After dinner, I decided to go and meet my friends (Fanta and Lola) at Aura (another hot club in London) because it was Lola's birthday.

Meet Fanta

I let my hair down hehe


I refuse to rotate


Birthday girl

Bisola and Fazia
 We had so much fun and there were a few familiar faces in the club. Although they did not play my new fave song (S & M - Rihanna) I still had a blast!!!