Monday, 7 February 2011

Beauty Files

My skin was never this clear, I was an acne infested teenager but over the years (and many beauty products later) I finally got it right.
I start off my morning using my Biore products. The pore unclogging scrub and steam activated cleanser are my favorite pick of the bunch.

Biore does not have an astringent anymore but clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser does the work.

Back to Biore, the moisturizer concludes my daily steps to good skin. I try to stick to one product instead of mixing and matching different products (with the exception of my clean and clear cleanser).

Moving on to make up, I love my MAC range. I use the prep and prime first as a base after I moisturize my face, it makes my skin feel smooth. Then I use my studio sculpt foundation and my mineralized powder on it. The mineralized skinfinish natural powder gives my skin a natural glow.

My skin can get very oily but with MAC (especially the blot powder), I can control the situation. Another reason why I love using MAC is PICTURES... or should I say 'the way I look in pictures'. I hate it when people take pictures and you can tell their foundation or powder isn't right for them. With MAC, you get the perfect blend!!!

Some of my favorite items in my portable make up bag (I carry it everywhere) are my concealer (for dark circles), blot powder (for my oily skin), Kajal (for bold eyes), lipgloss (chapped lips controller), and 2 lipsticks (rebel and urgent, both are MAC products).

I don't have a favorite perfume, I have a lot lol. Some of them are Miss Dior Cherie, Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, Gucci Guilty and V&R Eau Mega.

I love polishing my nails, I think colored nails is THE accessory.

White, black, red, fuschia pink, metallics, lilac and dark blue are my favorite colors for nails.

After a good night out, sometimes I'm too tired to wash my face but I hate waking up with panda eyes (not a good look) 

 With Biore towelettes, its goodbye panda eyes, hello smoother skin!!!!!

Useful Tips:

- Wash you face twice a day
- Don't use too many (different) products on your face i.e mixing neutrogina, clean and clear, clinique,  biore etc. Stick to one or two at most!!
- Exfoliate your body at least once a week
- Drink loads of water
- Eat loads of fruits
- Carex hand sanitizer is my best friend and it never leaves my bag. Find a sanitizer that works for you
- Never sleep with make up on
- A paddle brush works wonders
- Moisturize both your face and body.

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