Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Big is Beautiful!!

One day a friend of mine asked me how I stay so skinny, in my head I was like try chasing Bjorn (my shih tzu)  for 20 minutes everyday or arguing with my brother (family eh) or counting calories but I didn't say any of this, I just laughed. The funny thing is I have weight issues too (I think every girl in this world does), sometimes I look in the mirror and think wow doll you could lose some weight but when I say this out loud people look at me like I'm crazy. Other times I think geez I'm wayyy too skinny, I need to put on some weight stat!!!
Recently, I started watching Glee (among other series that I have no time for but still watch) and Amber Riley caught my attention. This 24 (soon to be 25) year old with an amazing voice not only sings and acts, but also dresses well for a girl with her figure.

This was recently taken at the SAG awards. This Anne Barge dress asymmetric dress looked gleelicious on the Glee star!!

I'm not a big fan of metallics but again Amber looked amazing during the golden globes in this Oliver Tolentino number!!!

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