Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Goodbye 'Violet eyed beauty"

Hollywood said goodbye to one of the greatest women who has inspired a lot of people. Elizabeth Taylor. She was born in 1932 in London to American parents and arrived in hollywood in 1939. I watched Cleopatra again (one of my fave movies of all times) on Sunday for more than 200 minutes, very long but it was worth it, and i remember thinking wow she's so pretty!!

I was in class when I heard the sad news of her death (Twitter as usual) and I couldn't help but think of all she had been through and how strong she has been through it all. It reminded me of the episode in sex and the city where Charlotte lost her baby, she was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's strength and even named her dog 'Elizabeth'.

Brief history of her illnesses:

1944: She took a spill from a horse resulting in back injuries that proved chronic
1961: She had an emergency tracheotomy
1990: Severe respiratory problems
1995: Double hip replacement surgery
1996: An irregular heartbeat
1997: A benign brain tumor
1998: A broken back
1999: A second broken back
2000: Pneumonia
2002: Skin cancer
2003: Broken foot
2009: Heart surgery

And a few other health troubles. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

She will be missed...

They both will... ♥

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Sarintip said...

Sad news, she is truly a legend of beauty