Friday, 1 April 2011

Celebrity crush: Rihanna

I remember the days of 'pon the replay' 'sos' 'if its loving that you want'.....

Then we had 'umbrella', 'shut up and drive' etc

Then 'disturbia', 'take a bow'... its funny how i remember the songs with her hair!!!

'only girl in the world', 'what's my name', and my new fave (for reasons i will never know) 'S&M'.

and now this cover....

Just when i thought she couldn't get hotter (after her Vogue shoot), I came across this ⇑... In the April 14th issue, she talked about her decisions to lift the restraining order on Chris Brown after the whole domestic abuse issue...

And she also talked about her semi autobiographical single 's&m', her spontaneity, her likes (in the bedroom) #hint: spanking, chains and being tied up!!

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