Thursday, 19 May 2011

LFS ♥s H&M

While doing some research for my dissertation, I stumbled upon H&M's website and the more I looked, the more I saw!!! I ended up in review your order (definitely not part of my research) and paid for goods that I didn't need but had to have! With new trends, and pop colors, I couldn't help myself and the best part was most of it was on sale (unexpected but true) starting at £2.99 (no joke).

At £3.99 the skirt is a steal

Maxis are a big trend this summer!!!

 Then to top it all up, the cherry on top the cream etc, some Lanvin for H&M dresses which were over 100 pounds are on sale now!!!!

Lilac is also a big trend right now.

Everyone can gain from the sale (plus size and maternity)

I recently learned how to tie a turban thanks to Third World Profashional. She put up an 'educative' video and I tried my best hehe
The only problem I have with H&M online is the delivery date(s), yes dates. I had a different date for most items, I guess it's because some items were coming from other countries. Other than that, I cannot wait to get my stuff... (I can hear my best friend screaming shopaholic). Ok back to my dissertation (I pray I don't stumble on any more online shopping sites)!!!

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