Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sun, Sea, Boys, Dissertation and Malaria... 2

So after Dubai and all it's drama (i've decided not to share lol), I went to Nigeria. When I got to the drop-box counter in the airport, I was told that my flight was closed and no one could board anymore. I put on my best act (I deserve an oscar) and they finally let me get on the flight on the condition that my luggage wouldn't make the trip. 

So I said goodbye to Dubai and my luggage (which eventually reunited with me 3 days before I left Nigeria cause of lying cargo agents) and ran in my 5 inch guess by marciano shoes through security, escalators, people, I even jumped over luggage's just to catch my flight... fortunately I did (no duty free shopping unfortunately) but the cheek of it was the flight was delayed for 40 minutes because they had to remove some bags for people who were not on board!!!

At least Sheilz (my bestie) and I were finally re-united!!! My first week was amazing, I shopped at Indigo Boutique (I can hear Sheilz saying picked clothes)... nothing says 'what luggage?' like victoria secret, a few cute dresses and costume jewelry!! 

Went out a few times but nothing screams fun like riding on the Quantum of Solace, a quad bike (another 1st) and hanging with a few in ilashe (a private beach). I had been to Ilashe earlier that week but this house was just amazing...

On the Quantum of Solace (an exact replica)

I got a tan haha


The view from the house

After all the bbq chicken, prawns, fish, salad and ice cream, we still went out for dinner. *hand over eyes*

Easter was amazing, there was so much food and I'm sure I gained weight just by looking at it!!



So during my last week in Nigeria (school was in session), I started working on my dissertation by researching and coming up with working titles. I started feeling ill and decided to go to the hospital and apparently i had malaria. I missed my travel nurse appointment in London a week before I was to travel so I missed out on all my jabs. Malaria is not fun at all... I refused to go anywhere looking sick so I stayed home for the rest of my trip (it was only for 3 days). On my flight back to London, I spent 6 out of 7 hours throwing up (at least I was losing weight hehe) as if things couldn't get worse, the man behind me had a heart attack so we had to stop over in Romania!! When I finally made it back to London, I got so excited but Bjorn (my darling Shih Tzu) was even more excited to see me (best welcome ever)!!!

oooooo before I go, I have to share this picture with you all...

I found this pic of my momma when i was bed-ridden!!! I love vintage and this woman had some outfits that I would have proudly rocked but Miss Goody too shoes gave them all out.
Alright I'm out for

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