Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sun, Sea, Boys, Dissertation and Malaria!!!!!

Bartuta Mall Dubai

Its been a while but I'm back, malaria or not!!! April was quite busy this year from Dubai to Lagos to Romania (i'd explain later) and finally back to London!!!!


2 weeks of bliss that is the only way I can define this trip... There were loads of firsts for me, first time 'not so skinny-dipping', first time going to the zoo, first time sailing with K, first time drinking so much that I blacked out and officially agreed to stop drinking (I mean it this time, 3 weeks and counting), first time I almost missed my flight.... the list is endless!!

This was not a first lol
Since no one was wearing a bikini on JBR, I decided to leave my clothes on ha!

In my own little world

skinny dipping lmao
But Go Karting was definitely a first and guess who won??? *proud smile*

I even got on the metro and it was gold class all the way (if only the underground trains or even surface trains in London were like this) .

Then my 1st zoo experience *sigh* I love animals but they stink....sheeeshhhh

Some of my fave are below....



King Kong



Yes I named them all after my fave characters from different cartoons :p

I'm sure you all are wondering where the boys are and what I did the night I blacked out... Stick around and you'd see... xxx

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