Monday, 23 May 2011

What's in your Bag??

Oooooo so my fellow blogger Third World Profashional tagged me in her "What's in your Bag Meme" post. The rules are simple:

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of it's contents.
3. Explain.
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.

The Bag

Louis Vuitton Bellevue GM
I recently came back from holiday and haven't change my bag since then. I have been to bbq's, clubs, school, the library, the vets, in short everywhere with this bag. I love the fact that it has a great capacity for daily objects so I can carry as much crap as I want and the best part is I can carry it on my shoulder (not cute but comes in handy when I'm walking my dog).


From top to bottom

1) Mini Make-up Bag: I always carry a mini make up bag which includes my MAC blot powder, my Chanel 65 lipgloss, my MAC Rebel lipstick and my kajal. You never know when that impromptu sleep over happens or you are out all day.

2) Louis Vuitton Wallet: I recently obtained this from my mum because she never puts anything in it. It now contains my bank cards, starbucks card, boots advantage card etc.

3) Paper Blanks Day Planner 2011: Call me old fashioned but even with a blackberry, I still write in a diary. I plan holidays, mark dates to remember, have important numbers on it, and some other information.

4) Magazine: I always have a magazine in my bag, from stylist to vogue, it comes in handy when I'm stuck underground or in traffic.

5) Comb, for bad hair days or windy days.

6) Mentos gum: Having braces is a pain but I'm so used to mine I have refused to take it off even though I have perfect teeth now. 

7) Body Shop Vitamin E Hand Treatment: Soft hands and stronger nails, what more can a girl ask for?? I hate dry hands or dry anything so I make sure I pack a tube of hand cream wherever I go.

8) Hand Sanitizer(s): Yes I have 2!!! That says it all lol.

9) Wayfarers: I love sunglasses but I LOVE wayfarers. I have 2 different ones now cos its just amaze!!

10) Earphones Case: Again if I'm stuck somewhere, if I've finished reading my mag, nothing entertains me more than music!! I love to keep my earphones in a case to avoid it getting tangled.

11) Keys: I have forgot my keys once during winter and had to wait for my brother to get home. So there I was, 4.30am after a night out in a skimpy dress and no jacket (what was I thinking) lets just say it never happened again!!

12) Oyster card and Student card: These are always side by side wherever I go because I use them almost daily.

13) Camera: I love my mini Nikon camera because its takes amazing pics and has up to 10 optical zoom which is pretty cool.

14) Pencil Case: Funny how we hate some things in high school but end up loving it when we are older!! This keeps all my pens and highlighters... after all i AM a student hehe.

Usually my blackberry is in my bag but I used my phone to take the pics!!


So I've decided to tag a few people too to see what is in their bag!!! 

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Adaku of Third World Profashional (well I know what is in yours now hehe)


Third World Profashional said...

I don't leave the house without my student card men, that ish stays handy. Oooh I forgot to add my camera to my post, well seeing as it was what I was using to take the pictures, probably why I forgot.

~~~Jibby West~~~ said...

I'm going to do a "what's in his bag" cos now i'm very curious lol