Monday, 6 June 2011

The 'inner' child whisperer!!

Everyone wishes they were older from the age of 11. We wear our parents clothes, act like mummy and daddy, wear make up and even heels to feel older. As we get older, that mentality fades and we start wishing we were young again. When I graduated, everyone kept asking me what was next and I found it very irritating because I didn't have a clue. I started wishing I was a child again and with each passing year, the feeling became stronger!!
My friend recently turned 27 and we decided to go to Alton towers (I believe theme parks are the best places to bring out our inner child) and it was a trip to remember.

Best Macaroons ever....


Birthday girl!!

and she chased those suckers!!!

keeping my distance!!!

Each inner child was HAPPY

Sonic Boom

Her new bff

This was my favorite ride... It was scary as hell and it went really fast into the big hole below!!!

My cousin is turning 16 soon and she wanted suggestions from everyone on what to do for her birthday. Eventually she said she wants a classy dinner in a fancy restaurant and the dress code will be smart and classy.  I was shocked and went on about how she only turns 16 once and she has loads of birthdays to do dinners etc, it was almost a lecture haha. I was like what happened to rollerblading etc?? kids of nowadays.
Then my brother turned 30.... yup the big three zero!! And we had dinner with his friends and after listening to his inner child (me) we went out later lol.

That length is amazing

Hot Miss M

We tried a pose that wasn't so lele like

The club had candles on a table...weird

Dancing with the birthday boy

And there was my trip to Birmingham.... Where do I start??? haha

Got her 2 tequila shots lol

The first club we went to was on broad street and it was strictly RnB, we had soooo much fun but the club closed at 2 so we had to leave...

We are strong!!!

In the cab en-route to the next club 

Pole dancing lesson 101

 We ended up in Jester, a gay club with a pole, beautiful art (lol) and great music. I love Birmingham because cab fares were cheap, drinks were cheap and there was no entry fee for clubs!!!

Lesson 102 ha

Then my favorite part, SHOPPING!!!!

Cannot believe I jumped on the bull in a dress lol... It was fun tho!!!

Good ol' Brummie

Main reason for the trip!!

The candy bull in selfridges!!

We were sad to go back to reality but happy we were going back to London... I love London, the city not only screams fashion but you get to feed your inner child once in a while too lol!!!


Sarintip said...

We had sooo much fun it was truely a trip to remember!!! <3 xx

~~~Jibby West~~~ said...

Yes it was!!!! :D