Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Style.....???

Recently, someone asked me how I would define my style.... In short this question keeps popping up!! To be honest, I can't define it because I buy what I like and only if I feel comfortable in it. To me style is about comfort, and if an outfit or an accessory or even a pair of shoes are not comfortable, I will not buy it. I don't really follow trends, I just wear what I want when I want to!!!   
Was looking through some old pics and decided to share some of my looks (blast from the past as I said to my sister hehe) with you all....

Halloween 2009

This was taken in Naij a while back

Dress by Indigo Couture

I hardly smile in pics so this one is a keeper

My bestie ♥

One of my fave t-shirts 

Skirt by Indigo Couture

Love my make up after shoots (left this on the whole day)

With another model Tara

I miss my brelly... Left it on a train!!

Shoes by Alexander McQueen

Sometimes I do this thing where I wear only all black for a while... I only add a hint of color to it so my mum can stop complaining hehe!!

One of my fave pics ever...

Make up by Tara

Top by Indigo Couture

H&M dress

I ♥ shoes

I have a thing for dots (dunno why)

Vintage jacket

Got the cardy at a Reiss pop up sale... It was almost a steal hehe at 15 pounds!!

River Island dress, Chanel pumps!!
So I guess you understand when I say I'm always comfortable lol and if I do buy an uncomfortable pair of shoes cos I love love love it so much and have to get it, I always have my fold it pumps in my bag.
Preppy, school girl, punk, goth, skater, emo, vintage, rock, indie, hippie, sporty e.t.c, I refuse to be defined by any of the above.... Can you define yours? :) !!!

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