Saturday, 2 July 2011

10 things about me!!

Decided to do a '10 things about me I bet you don't know' post out of boredom!! I hate studying and writing a dissertation is LONGGGGG trust me.

1. I hate studying (lol) just thought i'd say that again and it's so weird cos I think I'm the only one in my family who hates it. My sis is so bad.. I remember when I went to visit her in Scotland (when she was doing her masters) and I decided I needed a night out after being glued to her TV watching re-runs of sex and the city. You would not believe that the geek read all the way from Dundee to Edinburgh (weirdo)!!!

2. I melt chocolate biscuits before eating them... From fingers, to penguins to chocolate digestives,  I always melt them for some weird reason.

3. I cry when I lose any of my possessions, be it a pen or a top or even money. I remember one time in high school (Queens College) when I lost my beret (that was like my 3rd one that term). I cried so hard for hours and ended up falling ill!!! 

4. I am not allergic to dust. I used to say I was in high school to get out of punishment and I say that sometimes to get out of doing chores lol.

5. Hi, I'm Jibby and I'm a shopaholic!!

6. I hate returning things I buy, so if I buy a dress and it doesn't fit when I get home, I give it out.

7. I love cooking!!! The other day, I was talking to someone who I hadn't spoken to for years while I was cooking, he didn't believe I was cooking. Apparently I look like someone who orders take out!!! SMH

8. I'm a sweet junkie... I love junk food. I can finish a whole pack of haribo in minutes.

9. I'm a dog person!!!

My Bjorn

10. I have more shoes than outfits!!! I spend more on shoes than I spend on outfits... :) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Abisi said...

I like your No 6 character!!!!!!!!

~~~Jibby West~~~ said...

Lol... A lot of people do!!!