Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Almost M.A.... ♥

Hey fashion addicts... Today was a beautiful day here in London (apart from 10 mins of rain and occasional cloud). I handed in my first draft for my dissertation after all the drama of the week. An eventful weekend on facebook and some discoveries led to my decision to deactivate my account and go off blackberry messenger till the whole dissertation draft was complete (I'm back on both now).
This morning (2.30 am to be precise), I clicked the save button on my dissertation draft and made a mental note to print it out later in the day. I woke up with a smile, even sang in the shower, had breakfast and decided to print out my work. Everything was perfect until somewhere between pages 24-38 my ink finished (panic time). I quickly ran to my cousins house (she lives 5 mins away) to print my work and again, her ink finished. I wanted to start crying at this point. Luckily, there was another cartridge so we quickly switched and I was able to print my work. (NOTE TO SELF: stop being so last minute)!!! I made it just in time and handed my work in.
I was supposed to meet a few of my friends from uni for lunch and I was already running late due to my eventful morning. On my way, I saw this amazing antique furniture shop and went in to have a quick look (big mistake). (2nd NOTE TO SELF: shopping is shopping, be it furniture or clothes). I didn't realize I spent almost an hour in the shop. When I finally made it to the restaurant, my friends were done with lunch!!
So a few of us decided to go to the park and just catch up and make plans to hang out.... We went to get drinks (a new 1st for me: cider) and I found the cutest vintage shop in Islington *hand over eyes*.

Shirt: SJ Limited edition from spy denim and company
Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: Prada
Glasses: Marc Jacobs

Bag: Escada messenger (I love this bag)

My brother got back from work, took one look at me and asked "what type of lipstick is this? You look like an armed robbers girlfriend!!" I nearly died of laughter!! 

Enjoy the rest of the week.


lola said...

I can't even imagine the stress...At least you got it done...What are you getting a degree in?

~~~Jibby West~~~ said...

Fashion Management & Entrepreneurship..... I'm counting down the days now!!!