Monday, 11 July 2011

Animals, Nature and Music

One accessory you have to have this summer is a pair of loafers!!!! It looks absolutely chic. I got a pair yesterday from Bicester Village and I had to wear it today (I believe in now and not later).

I ♥ Polka dots

Sunglasses: LV
Bag: LV
Shoes: Ferragamo
Top: Jane Norman (can be purchased at Indigo Boutique, Ikeja and Lekki)
Skirt: Asos (can be purchased at Indigo Boutique, Ikeja and Lekki)
Neck candy: Indigo Boutique, Ikeja and Lekki

Today, the plan was to have lunch at Camden Town then go to the London zoo (summer plus the smell of animals = ewwwwwy) but I'm not really an animal person and I can't stand reptiles so decided to sit this one out literally!!! My friend and I decided to have a no-food picnic in Regents park while the others went to see the animals....

The canal

what a picnic
The funny thing is there was a penguin show at the London zoo and we managed to get a sneak peek after a few drinks hehe

Some Italian band were practicing in the park and wanted our opinion of their music style etc so we joined them (groupie style), sang and danced till the others joined us from the zoo...

At least it didn't rain :)

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