Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dinner at Harvey Nichols.

Hey dolls, went to Harvey Nichols tonight for my friends birthday dinner. The restaurant is not as bad as I thought.. was expecting an over-priced bill, which did happen, but the food was YUM so it was worth it!!!

So while waiting for my cab, my cousin took some pictures of me with Bjorn (how adorable is he?). I decided to add a bit of color to my neutral outfit with an orange blazer.

Dress: Rise
Bag: LV
Belt: River Island
Shoes: Jimmy Choos
Accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos Nigeria

I was late as usual (20 mins to be precise) but the smile on her face said it all (This is early for you)!!!

Birthday girl

Happy birthday doll


FOOD.... I ♥ good food!!



Still cannot believe people eat rabbit!!! :-O 


"Not so" Baked Alaska
Was expecting my baked alaska to come with flames but to my disappointment it didn't but it was soooo yummy (they promised to make sure it would come with flames next time ha!!).

Our cute waiter offering shots hehe

Too stuffed to sleep so decided to share my night with you all... Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Note: The Rise dress can be purchased at Indigo Boutique (Ikeja, Yaba or Lekki)

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