Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I am not my hair!!!

Hey dolls, happy mid-week. I do not know why I bother going shopping before I go on holiday knowing fully well that I would shop till I drop when I am on holiday :-D.
When I have extensions on, people always ask where I get my hair. I have quite a few sources but one of my fave is Mals real hair.

Brazilian Hair Length 10, 14, and 16 (I think)

Mals real hair is really affordable and they stock not only Brazilian hair(curly kinky, straight or wavy) but also Peruvian hair, Mongolian hair and Russian hair for all hair types. I love the 'almost' invisible weft on the hair to give it a more natural feel and look.

All hair products and hair pieces are selected with the utmost care and are checked for quality (only natural hair is used and no mix in between).

A few people who purchased the hair were nice enough to let me put their pics up and they agree with me about the quality of the hair. I have had mine for up to two years (if not more) and it looks as good as new!!!

Love the purse

The stylish and beautiful lady behind the brand
For more info about the brand, what they stock, how to purchase the hair etc please click here

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Lady said...

Beautiful, I love her hair...... Any hair u see on Lady Polo Dee is From Mal's Real Hair!!!!! Well done girlfriend.......