Friday, 8 July 2011

Drinking is for kids!!

The weather in London yesterday was bipolar so decided to stay at home all day. It is my brother's birthday but he is all the way in Sheffield so sent him a card from After doing my little cousins hair and make up (even managed to get superglue in my eye) for her for her prom, I started my day.

Skirt: H&M
Vest: New Look
Blazer: Topshop
Belt: Gucci (Vintage)
Shoes: Carvela (present from my brother Ak)
Neck candy: Indigo Boutique, Lagos, Nigeria

It was Daks birthday from TWP and my fellow fashion addict did not disappoint me!! She looked stunning in a Jones and Jones see through sequin mesh bodice line dress.

It was a fun dinner (most of it went on me thanks to my fork) with karaoke and good friends but I missed the cake *sniff*

Went to Angel to meet up with some of my friends after the dinner and it was hilarious... started the night with ginger ale and ended with tequila shots (still trying to figure out how that happened)!!

Our bartenders had shots with us!

Put that on my card lol

This picture is priceless!! Her 1st time in heels... :)

The bar had to close so we started looking for somewhere else to go...

and with the help of some Italian guy, we ended up in a pub that had a club under it (way too cool)!!

 Woke up at 5pm today. Yes PM not AM!! All that staying up all night to do my dissertation for weeks had to have done some damage lol.  It was an amazing day minus the super glue in my eye incident!!!

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