Monday, 1 August 2011

With love, from Istanbul..... ♥♡ Part 1

Heathrow Airport
Blazer: Zara
Top: Jane Norman
Leggings: Oasis
Bag: LV
Accessories: Indigo Boutique, Lagos. Nigeria
Shoes: River Island

Laptop Bag: Juicy Couture

I always go for a laid back look when traveling because I love being comfortable. Ok the real reason is I get so excited when packing for my trip and forget to sleep (literally) so I catch up with sleep onboard.
On my way to my hotel from the airport, I couldn't stop taking pictures of things, people, anything and everything...

I love their parks

The range hit the car in front 

I love how they take care of their city

Istanbul is such a beautiful city and I went shopping straight after I checked into my hotel in Laleli.

He is definitely getting a BIG tip lol

The hotel has this warmness about it and the staff are forever willing to help with bags and whatever information you need.
Laleli and Osmanbey are the best places to buy goods wholesale and since I was mixing business and pleasure, I decided to stay in Laleli. 

After a certain time (just as the shops are about to close) fruits, nuts, music and a few randoms are sold on the streets.

Most of the goods purchased and left in the stores are delivered mostly by kids to hotels or whever you want them delivered.

Random pics...

The city is even more beautiful at night.

Flats: Primarni (Primark)
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

It was soooo hot I had to get rid of the blazer. Also threw some flats on because I knew I would be walking a lot

Went for a comedy show with my mum sponsored by 98.4 Best FM. 

Should I go in or should I not???? One thing I find quite annoying is the lack of English (I'm almost fluent in Turkish and I've been here for less than 24 hrs). Road signs, building names etc are all in Turkish.

Cabs are definitely the way forward... Officially knackered now!!!

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Candice Yang said...

nice photos babe, I love them, have a nice trip with mommy <3 xxx