Sunday, 6 November 2011

Tradition and culture

Hi dolls... Happy bonfire night. Will put up pics from tonight later but for now, here are a few pics from my brothers traditional wedding...

View from my hotel room

My brothers traditional outfit

The grooms side (part)

The Bride's family

Johnson Adja

They met by a swimming pool (story behind the cake)

Our beautiful wife

Congratulations :)

Even though it rained cats and dogs, it was still a beautiful occasion.


uduak said...

beautiful wedding..and your brother and his wife...i can imagine what the kids will look like! gorgeous

Nee said...

wow sooo beautiful! love the view from your hotel! & this cake is stunning!


Fashion Translated said...

I always love seeing wedding pictures -- so amazing seeing everyone's joy on that day!

Fashion Translated

Arnold Teja said...

Lovely photos! Nice

Anonymous said...

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LinasStyle said...

Absolutely love the pictures :)