Friday, 4 November 2011

Versace for H&M

Hi dolls... November 17 is almost here and I have officially started counting down to the best collaboration yet. I got so excited when I got a sneak peek from the collection and had to share some of my favorite pieces. I took pics of billboards too, how gorgy are they?...

They say the patient dog eats the fattest bone but in a situation where collaboration hungry bargain hunters are on a mission, is patience really the key to a fabulous dress or an amazing bag?? In this case, the patient dog will get scraps, if there are any scraps left to grab. I know a lot of my fashion addicts will queue overnight ;) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Blaise said...

Absolutly stunning pictures!! soo incredible :)


Merily said...

So unique, so Versace!