Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi dolls... I have been talking about Oja-Ara 'Market of Wonders' for a while now and in this post you will find out why!!! Indigo Boutique showcased on Sunday the 26th of Feb. 2012 and it was an amazing experience (shopping, food et al.) and the next fair is on the 4th of March 2012 at 10 Degrees event centre, Ikeja from 1pm-7pm.

Top and shorts: Indigo Boutique Lagos, Nigeria
Shoes: Gucci

Watch: Michael Kors

Oja-Ara is a unique pop up mini shopping fair. It is fabulous, fun-filled with over 50 exhibitors and loads of food, small chops (I can't believe I missed the jollof rice and BBQ turkey) drinks and entertainment. Everything sold is at an affordable price and shoppers get to participate in raffle draws and go home with freebies!!!

Oja-Ara which means 'Market of Wonders' is an innovative creation of Bukky Imoyo and Amaka Kentebe. It is truely where bargains live and it is definitely your one stop gift shop. 

Lorna, face of Indigo, dressed head to toe in pieces from our new collection.

Our little stand :D

Some other exhibitors... 

Comedian: No Trespazz

My fave look of the day...

A big thank you to everyone who came to shop with us... kisses!!!

Have a blessed new month everyone!!!

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