Monday, 30 April 2012

Where have you been - Rihanna


Camp - Part 3

My day in camp usually started at 3am. I would wake up, go outside to shower (that stopped when we had a baby snake incident outside our dorm), get ready and go to the parade ground. We would stay out there till 7ish and then go for brekkie. After breakfast, I would miss lectures and go back to bed till about 2pm and head to mami market for lunch with my camp fam. After lunch, we would all go back to the parade ground for practice (remember I was a quarter guard). Dinner at mami market, drinks and music and at 10.30 we would be sent off to bed.

The baby snake incident... One morning, we were outside having a shower when I heard a girl scream snake. I jumped on the chair that had all my toiletries and before I could say anything, another girl ran from nowhere and hit the snake a few times with a big stone. I stood on that chair with my mouth open staring at the girl in shock. After that day, I started paying to use a private bathroom and they even suppled hot water!!!

I will never forget the day I met this boy who was in the set before us and in the band team (he plays the drums). I became a band groupie for a while after that lol.

Finally uploaded all the pics.

Happy May day in advance!!!

Camp - Part 2

Hey dolls... Hope everyone had an amazing day. This post will help you understand more about camp and I will give you all the juicy details about my experience.

First let me explain some things / places about NYSC camp.

Mami market: I call it the market of wonders because it has EVERYTHING. I spent most of my evening there until the soldiers would come with their whistles screaming lights out. I made my hair here, got brekkie, lunch and dinner, did my laundry, charged my phone, listened to good music, danced and played pool all in mami market.
Apparently 3 people were sent home because the soldiers caught them doing the naughty aka having sex in the bush in mami market after lights out.

Man-o-war: Also known as the obstacle course. Here I learnt how to crawl under barbed wire, swing over a puddle (or do the tarzan as we called it), somersault over ropes and jump over a 6ft wall. A boys neck got the nastiest bruise from one of the ropes. I was lucky to come out alive without a bruise.

My platoon commander was too funny and I think he had it in for me. I was made to sit on the floor and frog jump a few times but I couldn't care less because I was having too fun. The only downside was waking up at 3am to have an outdoor bath.

Parade day :)

More pics coming soon.

Camp - Part 1

O my... I can't believe I'm finally putting my camp pics up. 

The emails, bb messages and comments motivated me tonight so I decided to upload them in small doses.

I remember when I got to the gate, the soldiers made me carry my box (trust me to have a big suitcase) on my head to my dorm. When I got to my dorm, I realized that I had the biggest box in my room (Don't ask me what I packed) and I ended up wearing all white for the duration with the exception of parade day and man-o-war day.

Note how my complexion changed!!! 

Day 1: Waiting to register 

Jogging at 5am

Practicing for the parade (I was a quarter guard)

Going to get food in mami market

Indomie night

 Miss Platoon 6 (she came 2nd out of 10 girls)

We had loads of events to entertain us like Indomie night, Face of MTN, Dance night, Airtel giveaway etc. My fave had to be the Mr Macho competition :D

More pictures coming soon!!!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cocktails with the ladies!!!

Hi dolls.... As promised, pics from last night (mini reunion and achievers meeting)!!!

Reunions are fun because you get to catch up with great friends. I had so much fun and even had my first screw driver.

So much has changed since high school and everyone is growing up (work, marriage and kids) and it's scary. I miss the days when all I had to worry about was what hairstyle I would make to school or what color of socks I would wear.

Dress: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Carvela

Dressed head to toe with pieces from Indigo (including neck candy)

Food from Yellow Chillis

I can't wait for our next reunion :)

Sunshine ☀

Happy Sunday beautiful people... I've had such an amazing weekend and I decided to relax today and do absolutely nothing.

After church, I dressed up to go to the beach with my friends but changed my mind last minute and decided to spend the day with my family instead. 

Yesterday, I had a mini reunion with some of my high school classmates and it was so much fun catching up and we even did the whole 'achievers meeting' (if you have watched the return of Jenifa you would get the joke). Nothing beats good food, cocktails and good company. I owe you guys loads of pics :D

Playsuit and accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Aldo
Purse: Gift from my sister-in-law

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wild things

Due to my lack of posts, I decided I will try and put up at least one post a day. 

Since I hardly wear pants, I surprised myself with this outfit. 

I love MAC Ruby Woo lippie which is what I'm wearing in this post...

 Top and Pants and Accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: LV
Dog: Priceless ♥☺


I passed my theory test today woohoooo so practical begins on Monday (driving school). If you have driven anywhere in the world and you want to drive in Lagos, DONT!!! You will be surprised by the madness things you see on the road.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!  

Friday, 27 April 2012

Two trends, one outfit!!!

Hi dolls... Just found some pics I took a few weeks ago. Some people assumed I was wearing a dress the day I wore this outfit but the top part was a body and I love the pink peplum skirt I styled it with (one of my new fave item).

Since it was raining that day, I decided to take pictures indoor and King Arthur refused to go away. The little bugger (I love him though) had to be in almost every picture!!!

Body, Earrings and Skirt: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Prada

My friend from camp came to shop at Indigo today and she has inspired me to put up my camp pics so very soon I will.

True Colors!!

So I fell in love with this skirt the moment I laid my eyes on it. The almost invisible pleats, the band, the color, the fit and how I can mix and match it with different items!!! 

I will put up pics from Easter ASAP and I am much better now (just need to add a bit of weight)

Top: River Island (from Indigo Boutique)
Skirt and accessories: Indigo Boutique
Shoes: Irregular Choice

I remember when they brought this statue to my house (apparently it's supposed to look like my dad) and it scared the crap out of me... My statue dad is supposed to be fishing in the little pond below for Simon and his siblings (it cracks me up every time I see it now).

Simon ☺♥