Monday, 30 April 2012

Camp - Part 1

O my... I can't believe I'm finally putting my camp pics up. 

The emails, bb messages and comments motivated me tonight so I decided to upload them in small doses.

I remember when I got to the gate, the soldiers made me carry my box (trust me to have a big suitcase) on my head to my dorm. When I got to my dorm, I realized that I had the biggest box in my room (Don't ask me what I packed) and I ended up wearing all white for the duration with the exception of parade day and man-o-war day.

Note how my complexion changed!!! 

Day 1: Waiting to register 

Jogging at 5am

Practicing for the parade (I was a quarter guard)

Going to get food in mami market

Indomie night

 Miss Platoon 6 (she came 2nd out of 10 girls)

We had loads of events to entertain us like Indomie night, Face of MTN, Dance night, Airtel giveaway etc. My fave had to be the Mr Macho competition :D

More pictures coming soon!!!

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Dye said...

Finally! Look forward to the rest :)