Monday, 30 April 2012

Camp - Part 3

My day in camp usually started at 3am. I would wake up, go outside to shower (that stopped when we had a baby snake incident outside our dorm), get ready and go to the parade ground. We would stay out there till 7ish and then go for brekkie. After breakfast, I would miss lectures and go back to bed till about 2pm and head to mami market for lunch with my camp fam. After lunch, we would all go back to the parade ground for practice (remember I was a quarter guard). Dinner at mami market, drinks and music and at 10.30 we would be sent off to bed.

The baby snake incident... One morning, we were outside having a shower when I heard a girl scream snake. I jumped on the chair that had all my toiletries and before I could say anything, another girl ran from nowhere and hit the snake a few times with a big stone. I stood on that chair with my mouth open staring at the girl in shock. After that day, I started paying to use a private bathroom and they even suppled hot water!!!

I will never forget the day I met this boy who was in the set before us and in the band team (he plays the drums). I became a band groupie for a while after that lol.

Finally uploaded all the pics.

Happy May day in advance!!!

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