Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Life as we know it...

Hi dolls... It almost feels like I gave up blogging for Lent!!! I cannot explain why I haven't blogged for a month now but I can't wait to share camp stories and pics from NYSC and my obsession with pleats, neon, peplum, stripes and spring colors at the moment.
The week after I got back from camp, I went into a 'anything but white' phase seeing as all we wore during camp was white!!! Imagine two whole weeks without any internet, tv, make up, accessories, dresses (I drew the line at perfume hehe).
I made amazing friends and even met someone who reads FAU (imagine the shock and lump in my throat).
Easter was just the day before and I spent the whole day at the beach, I can't wait to put up the pics and I had so much easter eggs and candy thanks to my beautiful cousin Ale :)

My brother's wedding now seems like another lifetime but here are some pictures FINALLY

You can now add me on twitter @fashionaddictsu and instargram Jibbywest.

Get ready for some funny pictures soonish.

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Anonymous said...

I love your dress!