Friday, 27 April 2012

Two trends, one outfit!!!

Hi dolls... Just found some pics I took a few weeks ago. Some people assumed I was wearing a dress the day I wore this outfit but the top part was a body and I love the pink peplum skirt I styled it with (one of my new fave item).

Since it was raining that day, I decided to take pictures indoor and King Arthur refused to go away. The little bugger (I love him though) had to be in almost every picture!!!

Body, Earrings and Skirt: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Prada

My friend from camp came to shop at Indigo today and she has inspired me to put up my camp pics so very soon I will.


Anonymous said...

love your blog, i'm Nigerian but i don't know what camp mean? what is it for ?

~Jibby West~ said...
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~Jibby West~ said...

It's for NYSC dear (National Youth Service Corps)