Thursday, 31 May 2012

Hi dolls... Sorry for my lack of posts but I've been so busy since I got back from my last trip. It feels good to be back in sunny Lagos!!! Even though it rained cats and dogs today, I love being back home and I'm finally settling down.

Yesterday I had my first car accident (I'm alright) and it was not fun trust me. Please drive safe when you are in Lagos because Okada drivers (motorcycle riders) are like flies. It was not a serious accident but I learnt that people can act in this town. The driver in question made me drive him to the hospital claiming his leg was broken but when we arrived, he refused to let the doctor check him. He was perfectly alright and wanted me to give him money (all that drama for N5000)

So much has been happening in Lagos including MAULAG lol... The University of Lagos (UNILAG) has been renamed Moshood Abiola University by GEJ. Also, there was a disturbing video of an 11 year old girl having sex with a 4 year old boy (I'm sorry I can't upload this video on my blog) and I find it weird that kids are still being molested. Please be careful who you leave your kids with (nannies, neighbors etc). 

Dress: Indigo Boutique
Accessories: Primark
Slippers: Vivi by Violet Hecksher

The weekend is finally here and I have to work *sigh*!!!

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Igborian Girl said...

i was looking for the dog's name in the accessories... cute look.

thank God ur safe:)