Monday, 14 May 2012

Hot or cold??

Hi dolls... I got so excited when I landed in London yesterday because it was sooooo sunny. I stopped missing Dubai instantly and started planning my trip (what to do, places to visit, people to see etc).

I woke up today and of course it was raining (after all this is London). I was so disappointed, I didn't want to leave my bed. Thinking of Oxford street immediately motivated me to jump in the shower and get dressed.

Embarrassing moments today...

1. Walked in the rain to the bus stop only to realize there was no money on my oyster card and I was delaying the bus
2. Finally topped up my card and ran for the train only to meet the train doors closing
3. Got to Oxford circus (it was still raining) but my brelly remained in the train thanks to the book I was reading
4. When I got to Oxford street, it literally took me 4 minutes to find my oyster card (yes I became one of those annoying people that cause traffic underground).

Steal of the day...

It's mid season sale in some stores on Oxford street, Topshop being one of them. I got this bikini on sale today, it had £12 on the ticket from £26 but when I got to the till, the sales rep smiled at me and said 'today must be your lucky day, it is now £3' in my mind I replied FINALLY things are looking up!!! I also went to the Virgos Lounge concession in Topshop, you have to check it out.

I almost forgot about the olympics but with British flags and olympic souvenirs everywhere, I got in the spirit too with the rest of Britain :)


I took this pic from my hotel room in Dubai and just had to share... The city never sleeps!!!

I love London but the weather is definitely bipolar, the sun came out just as I was leaving Oxford street. 

Hope everyone had an amazing day.