Saturday, 30 June 2012

Christmas already?!!!

Hey dolls... Took these pics a while ago before my sister's wedding and I remember my sister saying I look like Christmas!!! 

These slips has to be one of my fave item this summer. They are so comfortable and I'm glad I got them in red. They also come in teal, black and tan but they are currently sold out, hopefully they should be back in store soon!!!

Top, accessories and Shoes: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Leggings: Miss Selfridge
Watch: Burberry

This city does not sleep... I can see children playing out on the streets at this time (midnight). I remember when I was younger and I had to be in bed by 9pm latest and I would start moaning before 9 so I can stay up, now I wish I had a bedtime!!!

One sunny day in Istanbul

Dress: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli

Enjoy the rest of your weekend dolls.

Kisses from Istanbul!!!

In her shoes (part 2)

Hi dolls... As promised, a few pics from my sister's traditional wedding. 

I designed my outfit and my sister's :D

It took a lot from me not to cry...

I could not take a lot of pictures because I was running around a lot but I did get a few 'picture perfect' moments.

I love you Anya
I'm tearing up writing this post and looking at all the pics so you know what that means, SHOPPING TIME!!!!

Friday, 29 June 2012

City Woman Collection Unveil Event

Hi dolls... On the 24th of June 2012, one of the hottest fashion event this summer took place. I am so proud to have been part of the Elizabeth Waldorf team because it was an amazing experience. I could not take as much pictures because I was busy backstage but I did sneak to view bits of the show and I got a few shots backstage. 




Toke Makinwa (presenter), Jane and David
I styled Toke's Elizabeth Waldorf dress with the amazing statement earrings from Indigo Boutique.
I styled Jane's floral halter dress with an amazing neck candy also from Indigo Boutique.

Jane with make-up artist extraordinaire Lola Maja



Jane and Elizabeth walking the runway

The shoes and Jewelry seen on the runway can be purchased at Indigo Boutique.

After the show, I finally changed to an amazing piece thanks to Jane. I had to take pictures at home because I was knackered. 

Dress: Elizabeth Waldorf Africa backless dress
Shoes: Guess by Marciano

In her shoes.

I remember watching the movie In Her Shoes and thinking wow I feel like the characters in the movie are so similar to my sister and I. I'm younger and free-spirited and my sister is the reserved one. 

We have always been close and she is the bestest friend a girl can ask for. For as long as I remember, we were inseparable. In primary school, when she had a birthday (the only day you could get out of wearing a uniform), I had one too. I would refuse to wear my uniform too and demand for a cake lol. I remember when she was in boarding school (that was the 1st time we got separated) I could not wait for her visiting day and I would follow her everywhere. Then she had to go to university and I would spend most of my weekends with her in Hatfield and when I had to leave, she would escort me to the train station and we would both cry (we laugh about that now).

You can imagine how excited I got when she came home engaged one day, you would have thought they proposed to me. That excitement didn't last long when I realized she would move out... It had finally happened, we were going to get separated again!!!

Here are a few pics from the registry...

Something new - Dress and clutch: Indigo Boutique
Something borrowed - Belt: My own

At least I have a new brother (in law) and sister (in law).

Remember what I wore for the registry...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce... what are your thoughts??

When in Istanbul....

Hi dolls... Today has been amazing. I love this city, the people, the food, the culture, in short everything. Ok maybe not everything, the only problem here is language barrier but I have picked up a bit of Turkish ;)

Top, Arm and Neck Candy: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shorts: H&M
Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli
Ring: YSL

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

FAU ♥'s Lo'Lavita Hair

Hi dolls... It feels so good to be back and this post is my first gift (yes I'm still apologizing) to you. Let me start this off by stating I am a hair whore. I never buy my weaves from the same person or make my hair in a particular place. I'm not on of those that will say o my hair stylist is around today so I'm off to make my hair. I'm the girl that drives around till she finds a saloon that has a free stylist and I'm the girl that gets hair from different suppliers but I'm proud to say my girl Lola has shown me the light!!! 

I remember the day before my sister's wedding, I sent a message to Lola asking for help because I was lost and clueless (I hate choosing weaves or hairstyles) and she suggested I come down to her store in Lekki. Lola listened to my ramblings and suggested I try Asian hair (though this is straight, it can easily be curled) since I had wavy hair for a while and I wanted something different. I also got freebies from Lola(motivation to go get yours soon). As soon as I purchased the hair, I went straight to Indigo saloon on Wole Ariyo in Lekki and the rest as they say is history!!!

Dress: Oasis
Blazer: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Primark

I just had to take these pics when I got back home even though I was tired as hell. One good thing about the Asian hair is it's fullness, don't get me started on it's texture. 

You can visit the Lo'Lavita hair and beauty website here for more information about the brand!!!

Summer Time!!!

Hey dolls... Summer is here again and I, for one, am tres excited!!! If I got a dollar for every time I apologized for my lack of posts, I would be a millionaire now (I am sorry). Juggling work, NYSC, my love life, events and having an actual life is not the easiest task in the world but it has it's perks. I'm currently in Istanbul at the moment but I will put up all the pics I owe including bits and bobs from my sister's traditional wedding soon!!!

Took these pics on the way to my hotel from the airport. I love summer in Istanbul because shops are opened till late. As soon as I dropped my bags in my room, I went straight into town to shop. There is something about shopping that makes the world a better place to me. All my thoughts about the horrible flight from Lagos to Istanbul vanished as soon as I purchased my first item :)

Kisses from Istanbul!!!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Kate Middleton moment

Hi dolls.... I wore this dress yesterday for the 1st part of my sisters wedding. I love the structure of the dress and I felt like I was having a Kate Middleton moment in it :)

Dress: Karen Millen (Can be purchased at Indigo Boutique)
Clutch: ASOS
Shoes: Miss Selfridge
Hair Fascinator: Indigo Xtra

Will put up more pics of the first part of the wedding soon (I did my sister's hair and make up and of course I styled her too)

Blue fever

Hi dolls... I've had this playsuit for a while. I got it from TKMaxx and I loved it so much, I didn't care it was a size bigger than my normal size. 

I've been so busy with wedding plans (Saturday is almost here) and it's a full house now. My brother flew in from London, my cousin left her NYSC posting just to be here and another cousin took a break from boarding school... It feels like Christmas here.

My mom, being the momzella that she is, wants everything to be perfect but I love the drama that comes with weddings (perfect is boring).

Playsuit: TKMaxx
Shoes: Guess by Marciano

Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!