Thursday, 28 June 2012

FAU ♥'s Lo'Lavita Hair

Hi dolls... It feels so good to be back and this post is my first gift (yes I'm still apologizing) to you. Let me start this off by stating I am a hair whore. I never buy my weaves from the same person or make my hair in a particular place. I'm not on of those that will say o my hair stylist is around today so I'm off to make my hair. I'm the girl that drives around till she finds a saloon that has a free stylist and I'm the girl that gets hair from different suppliers but I'm proud to say my girl Lola has shown me the light!!! 

I remember the day before my sister's wedding, I sent a message to Lola asking for help because I was lost and clueless (I hate choosing weaves or hairstyles) and she suggested I come down to her store in Lekki. Lola listened to my ramblings and suggested I try Asian hair (though this is straight, it can easily be curled) since I had wavy hair for a while and I wanted something different. I also got freebies from Lola(motivation to go get yours soon). As soon as I purchased the hair, I went straight to Indigo saloon on Wole Ariyo in Lekki and the rest as they say is history!!!

Dress: Oasis
Blazer: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Primark

I just had to take these pics when I got back home even though I was tired as hell. One good thing about the Asian hair is it's fullness, don't get me started on it's texture. 

You can visit the Lo'Lavita hair and beauty website here for more information about the brand!!!

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