Friday, 29 June 2012

In her shoes.

I remember watching the movie In Her Shoes and thinking wow I feel like the characters in the movie are so similar to my sister and I. I'm younger and free-spirited and my sister is the reserved one. 

We have always been close and she is the bestest friend a girl can ask for. For as long as I remember, we were inseparable. In primary school, when she had a birthday (the only day you could get out of wearing a uniform), I had one too. I would refuse to wear my uniform too and demand for a cake lol. I remember when she was in boarding school (that was the 1st time we got separated) I could not wait for her visiting day and I would follow her everywhere. Then she had to go to university and I would spend most of my weekends with her in Hatfield and when I had to leave, she would escort me to the train station and we would both cry (we laugh about that now).

You can imagine how excited I got when she came home engaged one day, you would have thought they proposed to me. That excitement didn't last long when I realized she would move out... It had finally happened, we were going to get separated again!!!

Here are a few pics from the registry...

Something new - Dress and clutch: Indigo Boutique
Something borrowed - Belt: My own

At least I have a new brother (in law) and sister (in law).

Remember what I wore for the registry...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce... what are your thoughts??

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