Friday, 31 August 2012

Happy 'early' birthday to me

Happy Friday dolls... I love pressies even when it's not my birthday. My big bro saw this and decided to get me my birthday pressie early this year (big kisses Ak) and I fell in love with them immediately.

Growing up, I had four and a half birthdays (I will explain this lol). I had one in February (my sister's), April (my half birthday), May (my 1st bros birthday) and July (my 2nd bros birthday). We had to wear uniforms in primary school but the only day we were allowed to dress up was if it was your birthday. My poor mum had to buy me a cake too whenever my older ones had a birthday and I would dress up too. I got away with this until I turned 6 but I continued with my half birthday (I still celebrate it).

Dress and jumper: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Sunnies: Fendi
Shoes: YSL
Neck candy: Gift

What better way to send off August right?!!!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beauty post: What's in my make up bag?...

Hi dolls... I read a post from one of my fave blogs Beauty In Lagos and I just had to do my own post. This is more like what is in my mobile make up bag, basically what I have on me when I'm on the go...

Lanocme gift bag

I have soooo much stuff in my mobile make up bag (MMB) that I hardly use but they eventually come in handy. I am one person who hardly wears make up even 'the crush' noticed this early. My definition of everyday make up is kajal for my eyes and lip gloss shikena.

CONTENTS (Close-up)


I always used to have my blot powder on me to touch up every time I feel oily (thanks to this weather, this happens too often) but I noticed the prep + prime works better for me if I use foundation.
My studio careblend is perfect as a powder on it's own or for touch up's. I love the silky feel of it on my skin.


The only item I have for my eyes is my D&G eyeshadow, I love the bronze shade especially and use it to also highlight my brows. My kajal lasts all day so I never need to touch up in that department. I also have spare tweezers in my make up bag.


I have divided my lip section into two parts, my glosses and lipsticks. From R-L: I love my YSL lip stain because it can last for hours and does not need regular touch ups. I also love the fact that it is not sticky. The MAC plushglass and dazzleglass are neutral glosses with a pink tone and they are perfect to use during the day. My Chanel gloss has a red tone and can also be used at night.

I used to have more lipsticks but my bestie raided my bag and took a few so I'm left with this lot... L-R: The 1st is my Guerlain and it has a purple tone so it can be used anytime of the day. The 2nd is MAC Ruby woo and it's one of my fave shades of red. The 3rd is from Lancome, got it free but I love the shade. The 4th is from Chanel and it is the only orange shade that suits me so far. Last but not the least is also from Lancome and I also got it free!!!


These come in handy when I go to the beach or go swimming.

This is the only item in my MMB for hair. Like my skin, my hair needs to be moisturized regularly to avoid breakage.

Finally done... As I said before, I hardly use all the items in my bag but they do come in handy. I don't sleep out but if I did, my MMB will definitely be a survival kit lol!!!

Have an amazing weekend everyone and feel free to tell me what you have in your MMB.

Guerlain météorites

Hi dolls... Thanks to all those who came out for the sale at Indigo Boutique today, it was a huge success.

I got this face pearls a few weeks ago from Guerlain and I am totally hooked!!! It is a light-diffusing perfecting primer for all skin tones. The pearls are transformed into a clear gel that produce perles, a luminous, smoothing and perfecting base. It melts onto the skin to restore a perfect complexion, with a luminous natural-looking glow.

I use it after my usual skincare routine and my make up stays longer!!!

Definitely a must-have!!!

Just had to share :)

Pretty original...

Hi dolls... I remember when I was little, my mum used to dress me up in pretty original dresses and I loved how I felt lady-like et al in them. This high-low dress reminded me of my pretty original dresses and what better way to showcase my haircut right? 

I had lunch with my mum and sister today at the Wheatbaker hotel. The food was amazingly affordable and the service was excellent. For those in Lagos, the luxury hotel is located in the residential heart of Ikoyi on Lawrence road.

OMG I have to share this with you all... So I drove myself all day today and I was so proud until I decided to face the traffic back to the mainland. I must have made a wrong turn somewhere because I found myself in a strange part of Lagos called Mile 12. I literally broke down in tears because it was dark and the traffic was not moving. One thing I love about this town is the A-Z system also known as Okada riders (who needs a sat nav with them lol). 

Dress: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Otto et moi

Don't forget the 'back to school' sale at Indigo Boutique Ikeja starts tomorrow. All items are up to 75% off!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Leather dreams

Hi dolls... Boy am I happy to blog again. I've been down with malaria and typhoid for a while now hence the lack of posts. I guess my body is still trying to adapt to this weather and environment.

I have been contemplating cutting my hair for a while now but I finally did today to fit my new figure (I am stick thin now). I need to gain weight ASAP because I miss the little curves I had!!!

While I was ill, a lot of things happened including the introduction of N5000 notes, the break up of Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (it's hollywood, they will probably get back together), the finalist for Young designer of the year and young creative entrepreneur awards for the MTN Lagos Fashion and Design week were announced, Van Persie now plays for Man U.... In short, nothing major apart from Bolaven hitting China!!!

A big thank you to everyone who sent me emails, messages on twitter and facebook, I am much better now *big kisses*.

Took these just before I fell ill...

Top and shorts: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Watch: Burberry
Shoes: Miu Miu

Love the spike details

The back to school sale at Indigo Boutique Ikeja starts on Thursday the 30th of August 2012. Don't miss out on the amazing 'up to 75% off' deal on all items!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Repeat offender!!!

Hi dolls... I got an email from one of FAU's reader asking if I ever repeat any of the clothes I wear in posts. I do, I am definitely a repeat offender especially if I really like the outfit, I can wear a top I really like twice in the same month if possible. I wore this dress in Istanbul but I styled it differently. I should start doing a 'similar here' like most bloggers do :)

Dress: River Island
Shoes: Gucci
Sunnies: New Look
Arm Candy: Indigo Boutique Lagos

Enjoy the rest of your week dolls!!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Skater girl!!!

Hi dolls... Hope everyone had an amazing day. My cousin came into the city today and we played catch up for hours. I love how we don't see each other for months and in less than 2 hours, we make up for that. I also caught up with my sister for lunch and fittings (the white wedding is almost here) and I actually cried again (you would think that I'd be used to all this by now). 

Denim shirt, skater skirt and accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Shoes: Primark

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!

London 2012

Hi dolls... Who watched the closing ceremony for the olympics??? I waited and waited and waited for the Spice girls to perform. When they finally did, I jumped up and started my own little performance screaming singing and dancing to spice up your life and wannabe. Sad thing is after waiting so long, the performance was short so I was a bit disappointed. 

I remember in high school, I made my parents get me the pencil case, watch, school bag etc. I watched spice world a million and one times and I even used to pretend I was scary spice lol.

More pics from the summer collection at Indigo Boutique...

Top, skirt and blazer: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Miu Miu

Have an amazing week!!!

Say your prayers.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Happy Sunday

Hi dolls... More pics from the summer party pieces at Indigo Boutique...

Stay blessed!!!

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Hi dolls... Summer is almost over for most but not for me.

The amazing summer party collection is now available in store at Indigo Boutique (Ikeja, Lekki and Yaba).

I love playing dress up so you can imagine my excitement when I was allowed to pick my favorite pieces from the summer collection. I can't wait to shop :D

Watch: Burberry
Shoes: Miu Miu

My fave piece :) it also comes in silver!!!

The good thing about nude shoes is that you can rock it with anything.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!!!

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Ferragamo

Hi dolls... Another Friday, another night in for me catching up on my fave series. 

A while back, I got an email asking me how I cope with heels all the time but the truth is I always have a pair of flats in my car. If I'm going for an event or a night out, I have my 'fold up' pumps in my bag. As much as I love wearing heels, flats are definitely a necessity. 

I remember during my MA, I did a group project on the global fashion industry and Ferragamo was one of the brands I studied. I fell in love with the brand almost immediately (it's history, structure, image, design) and even discovered they had a line for my generation.

Before the project, like most ladies my age, I used to think Ferragamo was for the older generation and would not have been caught dead in the store.

My mum and I wear the same size of shoes sometimes so we can borrow each other (more like I can steal borrow hers). 

My faves

These fit perfectly in my purse :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!