Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beauty post: What's in my make up bag?...

Hi dolls... I read a post from one of my fave blogs Beauty In Lagos and I just had to do my own post. This is more like what is in my mobile make up bag, basically what I have on me when I'm on the go...

Lanocme gift bag

I have soooo much stuff in my mobile make up bag (MMB) that I hardly use but they eventually come in handy. I am one person who hardly wears make up even 'the crush' noticed this early. My definition of everyday make up is kajal for my eyes and lip gloss shikena.

CONTENTS (Close-up)


I always used to have my blot powder on me to touch up every time I feel oily (thanks to this weather, this happens too often) but I noticed the prep + prime works better for me if I use foundation.
My studio careblend is perfect as a powder on it's own or for touch up's. I love the silky feel of it on my skin.


The only item I have for my eyes is my D&G eyeshadow, I love the bronze shade especially and use it to also highlight my brows. My kajal lasts all day so I never need to touch up in that department. I also have spare tweezers in my make up bag.


I have divided my lip section into two parts, my glosses and lipsticks. From R-L: I love my YSL lip stain because it can last for hours and does not need regular touch ups. I also love the fact that it is not sticky. The MAC plushglass and dazzleglass are neutral glosses with a pink tone and they are perfect to use during the day. My Chanel gloss has a red tone and can also be used at night.

I used to have more lipsticks but my bestie raided my bag and took a few so I'm left with this lot... L-R: The 1st is my Guerlain and it has a purple tone so it can be used anytime of the day. The 2nd is MAC Ruby woo and it's one of my fave shades of red. The 3rd is from Lancome, got it free but I love the shade. The 4th is from Chanel and it is the only orange shade that suits me so far. Last but not the least is also from Lancome and I also got it free!!!


These come in handy when I go to the beach or go swimming.

This is the only item in my MMB for hair. Like my skin, my hair needs to be moisturized regularly to avoid breakage.

Finally done... As I said before, I hardly use all the items in my bag but they do come in handy. I don't sleep out but if I did, my MMB will definitely be a survival kit lol!!!

Have an amazing weekend everyone and feel free to tell me what you have in your MMB.

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BeautyInLagos said...

Ayeeee!! Love it!! Hmmmmn never ever heard of 'Studio Carebken'. Adding that to my list. And I'll try put prep+prime too. Love that u did thus post! Your MMB is one I'd like to steal, honestly xxx