Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTD: DIY Manicure - Magnetic polish

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I remember when I went shopping with my mum sometime last year on Oxford Street and some sales assistant was trying to sell me this magnetic polish.

I was like ehnnnnn but she insisted and as soon as she tried it on one finger, I knew it was meant to be. I got the silver because it looks neutral but they also have different colors like purple, red etc.

Step 1: Base coat
Step 2: I always use 2 coats of polish for step 2 but with this polish, one coat is enough for the 2nd step.

Step 3: keep the magnet close so as soon as you apply the polish to a nail, you put the magnet close to the nail (half an inch apart should work) while it's still wet. 

Step 4: Apply a top coat so the nail polish can last long.

I love the end result. It's really easy to use and it looks amazing.

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