Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Surprise shower

Hi... I threw a surprise shower for my sister a week before her white wedding and it was a trip!!!! I can't believe I was able to pull it off (almost blabbed about a million times). It was a place and white themed shower at Pattaya oriental and I booked a private room so we could have privacy and not disturb anyone.

Top, skirt, blazer: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Prada

The surprise:

So I told my sister that it was 'girls day out' at l'espace and when she was finally on her way, I told her they had moved the venue to Pattaya so she should meet me there. I went downstairs to get her (luckily there was a party being held downstairs so it didn't look too suspicious). As soon as we entered I said that I forgot my phone in the bathroom upstairs so she followed me and went into the room, our friends turned on the lights and screamed SURPRISE!!!!

Let the games begin....

We played quite a few games including bridal word scrabble, purse scavenger hunt, wedding etiquette, 21 questions (more for the bride) and all the winners got a prize.

They were all so serious about the games lol...

Dinner time: 

It was a 3 course meal and the service at Pattaya was on point.

Thanks to all the amazing people that made the surprise a success!!!


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