Sunday, 2 December 2012

Photo diary: Last Friday Night

Hi dolls... So on Friday I decided to hang out with my friends. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
We headed out to the winter wonderland first for some mulled wine, candy apples, and fun. I love all the rides but the weather wasn't ride friendly lol. The ice rink theme this year is Ice Age 4 :D trust me to get excited over the theme.

After winter wonderland we decided to go to Hard Rock Cafe for drinks. 

Dress: Forever 21
Faux Fur headband: ASOS

This has to be one of my fave desserts everrrr. Chocolate brownie with hot fudge sauce sundae with cream.

After that, we went to Duck and Waffle at the Heron tower (40th floor). Don't get me started on how amazing this place is... the view, the decor, everything!!! 

Luckily we didn't get interrogated and we didn't have to wait thanks to CJ. From that point onwards, the experience was breathtaking. The lift ride to the 40th floor alone was a trip. The high speed, glass, the view, definitely one of the best ways to view the city. I had the duck and waffle (I wonder how I don't put on any weight) which consisted of crispy leg confit, fried duck egg, mustard maple syrup and fluffy waffles.

They have a 24 hour dining in place and the food is not too outlandishly priced. Definitely one of my fave places in London!!!

Happy holidays!!!

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