Monday, 24 December 2012

The devil wears prada

Hi dolls... I've had amazing weekend with my family.

I wore this dress last Sunday and I used minimal jewelry because I wanted the dress to speak for itself. I had the craziest day today... Made plans (BTW this is why I never plan my day), was going to go for my friend's surprise bridal shower 1st, then get my hair done at the new lo'lavita hair salon, head to l'espace then end the day at my friends bar opening!!! Sound's exciting right???
Life happened... first of all my fuel light was on. The two petrol stations I found were closed so changed my route and finally found one that was opened and queued for at least two hours (imagine my frustration) I had already missed my friend's shower so I went for a mani pedi to calm me down.
It gets better, I got to the salon and was told that they didn't have an 8 or 10 inch closure and the stylist hadn't arrived. Spent an hour there contemplating what to do. Decided to go to Indigo salon in Lekki and had to join the million and one people there (Christmas rush) but I got someone sooner than expected thanks to Ivy.  
After my hair, I rushed down to my friends house to change so I could at least make one thing on my to-do list and had to hurry up because they were all ready and waiting for me. I did my make up in less than three minutes so be kind when I put the pictures up lol.
It was not so bad after that *whew*

Back to this post....

Dress: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Prada
Sunnies: Chanel

Christmas Eve is finally here and you know what that means.... MUSIC MEETS RUNWAY is a few hours away!!!! Check out their website here.

Happy holidays!!!

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