Tuesday, 22 January 2013

FAU ♥'s Yinka

Hi dolls... I know I've been scarce for a while but I'm back now. I've missed blogging so much but will tell you all what I've been up to in my next post. 
Born 22nd of January, Yinka is a drama princess, a shopaholic and an indigo doll. Yinka did her first movie role as a child in Chico Ejiro's film 'Sunset in Africa'. Watch out for her in new movies this year.

FAU loves Yinka because she is spontaneous, edgy, very far from the usual and in all, a fashionista!!! 

I love watching Yinka shop. It's like watching a kid in a candy store!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She's a fashionista......she dosent seize to amaze me wif her great fashion sense...."Love you...Morinsola