Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year's Eve: Part 1

Hi dolls... Happy New Year. I went for my friend's birthday dinner at Christopher's for NYE and it was my first time in the restaurant.
My mini review on Christopher's...

Location: Convent Garden... It is on Wellington street so it is very easy to locate.

Decor: I loved the ceiling and the bathrooms were spotless but that's all I can say. I was not impressed with the stairs (maybe they were going for a vintage look). They do have an amazing private room downstairs

Price: For a restaurant in Convent Garden, the prices were ok, a bit pricey but ok.

Drinks: Had a ginger ale (my kick start drink), a glass of Laurent Perrier Rose (note that they don't serve glasses only, you have to order a bottle). They do have a wide range of cocktails and I will recommend the New York Tart if you are a vodka fan!!!

Food: It was definitely worth the price!!! I had the lamb and it was AWESOME... It was served with veggies and basil mousse.

Dress and accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Gucci

Birthday girl

The ceiling


I had an amazing New Year's Eve and I went back home for a quick change. 

See what I changed into in my next post!!!


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Demmy said...

love your dress. happy new year! x