Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Restaurant review : Ocean Basket

Hi dolls... Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!

I'm recovering from food poisoning.. Trust me when they say awoof dey run bele lol!! I've been dying to dine at Ocean basket so you can imagine my excitement when my sister, her hubby and I went there for lunch.

Decor: The restaurant is simply beautiful. I loved the wallpapers, the different points like the sushi bar, the drinks bar etc. Also loved the basket covered lights and don't even get me started on the view of the beach!!!

Service: The service was excellent. Everyone greeted us as we came in. We got complimentary butter rolls while we were waiting for our food. The waiters had a smile on and I didn't have to look for anyone when I needed anything, they were always close by.

Drinks: I had a chapman and it tasted like something they would serve at a wedding so I was a bit disappointed. My brother in law had a watermelon and pineapple juice and it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either.

Food: The food was amazeballs!!! We had a platter with everything from princess prawns to calamari to mussels... It was yummy and enough to feed a small village!!!

Overall, I'd have given the restaurant 4 out of 5 stars but 3 hours later, I started sweating profusely and had the worst tummy ache ever!!!! Don't know exactly what caused the food poisoning but it wasn't fun at all!!! My brother in law too got sick but my sister was fine.

Later that day I went to imperial place for LPM (can't wait to show you my 'new in').. Obsidian, Lady Biba, Akpos are just a few of the designers I purchased stuff from.

And finally, the winner for the Marc Jacobs Giveaway is Bunmi Victoria Adegboye!!! Congratulations doll, an email has been sent to the email address provided in the giveaway post.

Look out for the next giveaway soon!!

Dress, belt & accessories: Indigo Boutique Lagos
Shoes: Coach
Bag: Chanel
Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli


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