Friday, 7 June 2013

Fairy tales

Hi dolls.. I've finally settled down even though I'm yet to unpack!! I love the new collection for Indigo Boutique and if you follow me on Instagram, you would see a few pieces I shared.

I love fairy tales and happy endings!! I'm a big romantic at heart, I actually believe in knights in shiny armours and what not. I have watched every Disney flick ever produced and I'm sure you can guess some of my faves 😍

I just had to wear this dress a few days ago and I felt one hundred percent like a princess!! I could have been Cinderella for all I cared and no one could bring me down my high horse. 

Dress: Indigo Boutique 
Bag: Michael Kors

I did a post a few days ago on cross body bags. This is definitely one of my fave trends this season!! Remember pick pockets are always at work in Nigeria so be careful when following trends like clear bags etc. I'm speaking from experience... I didn't cross the straps of my MK purse last Saturday and my iPhone got picked from my bag at the wedding I attended. 

Even my dogs were in love with the dress too 😄

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!


Helena Oops said...

Im like your love in your dress!
So beautiful!

Barbara Onianwah said...

Your dogs are really cute.
Love the black dress (I need me an LBD just like this)