Sunday, 22 December 2013

12 posts of Christmas... Post 1: Birthday look

Hi dolls... I've missed blogging so much but seeing as I'm useless without my camera and I've been so busy, I'm sure I can be excused this time :)

I'm finally back home in Nigeria with my family and my camera lol so I have to share some pictures I've been owing you guys and these date back to my birthday (October 12).

It finally feels a lot like Christmas in my house, well today it did. Our trees are up, visitors poped in and out and the best part is the food but back to my post...

Skort suit and accessories: Indigo Boutique
Inner: Primark
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

I'm so blessed and thankful for the amazing year I had. It would not have been possible without my family, friends and amazing readers.

I got braids in today so the splitting headache I have is not helping while I type this post but a promise is a promise so get ready for my Christmas posts plus a little special something to say a big thank you!!!

Happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Olufunmi Afolabi said...

Lovely outfit, love ur shoes!!@

Mide said...

That suit is giving me life

love it!