Saturday, 28 December 2013

12 posts of Christmas.... Post 8: Merry Boxing Day

Hi dolls... This post basically sums up my boxing day.

Although I was sad I missed the sales again this year in London, I got over it quickly. All I had to do was remember the feeling I had after black friday sales lol... It's almost like a hangover but it lasts longer!!!

As soon as I woke up on boxing day, I knew I couldn't stay at home. I just wanted to hang with a few friends, have one or two drinks, go to the leisure park to jet ski and maybe have some food if I ever got hungry after my Crimbo feast.
Plans changed when we realised half of Lagos had the same idea so we decided to skip the leisure park, do drinks, catch up and the rest.... well you'd see :)

Sunnies: Miu Miu
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs
Purse: Givenchy
Shoes: Gucci
Dress: River Island from Indigo Boutique

After my 1st drink lol

Later.... We went to a nice bar/restaurant called bottles and we still couldn't eat so we decided to have more drinks and let me just say the drinks here are amazeballs!!!

I can't say how many drinks I had at this point lol

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday.

Almost done with my Christmas posts but don't worry I will be posting regularly now :)

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BiKe said...

Looks like you all are having so much fun. :) Nice dress by the way.