Friday, 31 January 2014

Rain rain, go away!!!

Hi dolls.... Got back to London a couple of days ago from Istanbul and it has been raining non stop. I didn't take any pictures yesterday but today I set fire to the rain 'in the words of Adele' today.

Leather Jacket: Coming soon to Indigo Boutique
Shorts and Shoes: Zara
Bag: Miu Miu
Head Band (mouse ears) & Tights: H&M
Neckpiece: Gift
Watch: D&G

I have a leopard print head band with cat ears I got a few years ago and now the alice band with ear trend is back again. Now there is a wide range to choose from including cat ears, bunny ears, mouse ears and puppy ears. Stores like H&M, Aldo, Selfridges have in stock now!!!

Coat: SheSay

I don't think I own anything red, it's definitely not one of my favourite colours but I am obsessed with this coat. I love the leather sleeves and the sexy masculine military style. I also love how it made me forget the rain (at least for a few hours).

The part of me you don't get to see :D

Big kisses from London!!!

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Olufunmi Afolabi said...

loool, set fire to the rain, love ur bag :)