Saturday, 24 May 2014


Hi dolls... The weather has been a bit grey lately so I decided to add a bit of blue to my day. I have been super busy so I haven't had time for the blog in a while but I will put up more posts soon. 

Decided to try out my MAC Heroine and I'm still not sure about it. It looks fab in selfies but from afar I feel like an alien. 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Work work play

Hi dolls... I love espadrilles at the moment (I know me and my fashion swings). Got these from Zara a while back and because I walk a lot when I am working, I need flats (these are not the most comfy but they will do).

Beauty Secret: Clarisonic

Hi dolls... I feel as if I'm giving away mu first child in this post. I hardly ever do reviews or talk about products I use but when I get a lot of questions I try to answer each and everyone in one post.

I've been using this for almost a year now and I'm hooked. A lot of people ask how I got rid of my acne well this is it.

Monday, 5 May 2014


Hi dolls... Hope everyone had a great weekend. I just wanted to share a few pictures from yesterday. My google page has been acting up so please bear with me.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Its my party too!!!!

Hi dolls... Yesterday was my big brother's birthday. In primary school, we used to wear our 'birthday' outfit instead of our uniforms on the day. I literally had four birthdays every year because my mum had to buy my own cake and birthday dress when any of my senior ones had a birthday. 

I'm older now but I still want to play dress up on everyones birthday and I still want my own cake lol. If I had my way, I would have them sing happy birthday to me too.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day

Hi dolls... We had a bank holiday today to celebrate workers day. I wore cheerful colours to brighten my day (it rained all morning). I had to work even though it was a bank holiday but I can't complain, I'm just happy being happy. Decided to try the 'less is more route', no powder or foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer, blush etc just kajal and my rimmel red lipstick.