Saturday, 3 May 2014

Its my party too!!!!

Hi dolls... Yesterday was my big brother's birthday. In primary school, we used to wear our 'birthday' outfit instead of our uniforms on the day. I literally had four birthdays every year because my mum had to buy my own cake and birthday dress when any of my senior ones had a birthday. 

I'm older now but I still want to play dress up on everyones birthday and I still want my own cake lol. If I had my way, I would have them sing happy birthday to me too.

 I wore this outfit yesterday but changed my top for dinner. Didn't take any pictures at the dinner but I did take a selfie with my friend Theo (will upload that on instagram @jibbywest) so you can see the other top I wore.

Top and Accessories: Indigo Boutique
Skirt: Virgos Lounge
Purse: Givenchy
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

We had dinner at Rhapsody V.I. Took a few pics but the lighting wasn't the best. Will do a review on the food in my next post!!!

Have an amazing weekend.


Nneka said...

I rily rily rily love Ur blog. It help me sometimes. :)

Nneka said...

I rily rily rily love Ur blog. It helps me sometimes.