Thursday, 31 July 2014

Candy Land

Hello dolls... Don't forget the giveaway ends today so click on the link to leave your name and email. I currently discovered candy land or should I say Kandee and I'm officially a Kandee girl. I ordered some shoes from their site and let me just say they have the best customer service online. I'm talking about emails being replied as late as 11pm to conclude on items not in stock, refunds and exchanges. I was truly impressed!!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Burgundy treats

Hi dolls... I was super excited to learn that Maju Live (a Nigerian Label) had a concession in Ikeja (Grey Velvet to be precise). Normally, I have to take a long drive to the island to purchase items from the brand but sometimes I get there too late and meet a closed sign.

Maju Live is one of my fave Nigerian brands. It's 'no rules' approach and unrivaled attention to trend and youth culture has made them a firm favorite with the trendy set. The brand is not only stylish but also very affordable.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tuxedo playsuit

Hi dolls.. Quick post to share what I wore the other day. I'm in love with playsuits, they are the most comfortable outfit you can wear during summer and you can't go wrong in it.

I realized I don't share a lot on my blog but I just have to share this story. So my mum and her jogging partner were at it earlier this week when they saw another plus sized woman on a walk. They stopped to chat and the conversation they had is beyond me!!!

Nude and Prints

Hi dolls... If you know me well you would know that I'm a big fan of Nigerian designers. I'm all for the team 'buy Nigerian' but some of the Nigerian brands are overpriced and of low quality. Most of them claim to be luxury brands but the fabrics are cheap and the finishing tacky. 

Well this was my view until my affair with Rukky Simone. I love the prints, fabrics, finishing of all the pieces and the prices are affordable (most items are under N10000). The only thing I noticed, which really isn't a problem, is the sizes run big. I normally wear a small but I had to get extra small with this brand. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Angels wear Prada too

Hi dolls... I know I look angry in most of these pics but I promise it's just the light from the sun and I couldn't be bothered to go back in to get shades hence the funny expressions.

I've had this top for ages but couldn't wear it due to bra issues. I hate when I wear a transparent top that is also backless and my ba will show at the back (even if it's a really cute bra), I feel it looks tacky.

 I finally found the most amazing bra, not the backless and strapless, but something even better. I will share it soon (not on me lol) and also where it can be purchased.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Don't mess with my tutu

Hi dolls... This is actually a late post. Wore this outfit on Friday but haven't had time to upload and edit. I had an amazing weekend even though I didn't do much. I spent it with amazing friends trying out new places to eat and get good drinks in Lagos. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Merry 'Un' Birthday to me

Hi dolls... It rained all day yesterday but for some reason I was in a very good mood. The whole white phase ended the minute I got a hug from my friend and her face print on my top lol, see why it's hard to wear white in Lagos? Don't even get me started on stains I got from carrying stuff (dust everywhere).

Back to my post, If I had a tiara, I would have worn it instead (that was the type of mood I was in) but I settled for my mouse ears and a sparkly jacket. A few people even thought it was my birthday!!! I've always had the urge to try culottes but never got on the band wagon but as they say, there's always a first time. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My new uniform

Hi dolls... White is my new black. I try to avoid white as much as possible in Lagos because it's really hard to maintain the look. 

First of all, I have Kenya (my dog) who loves being carried. Arthur (my other dog) who jumps on me before I leave the house. 

Then we have dust everywhere and don't even get me started on people with make up who want to hug you. It really is a task maintaining white but it always looks so pretty on.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

White Gold

Hi dolls... Hope everyone is having an amazing week. Wore this outfit to work today also had a few meetings. Just a quick post to share my outfit details!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Child

Happy Sunday dolls... Today has been eventful. It was my sister in law's sister's son's first birthday and I haven't pigged out this much in a long time. I wonder why I wore a cropped top today of all days. There was so much food and because I was spoilt for choice I had it all literally *hand over eyes*!! 

I had jollof rice, BBQ turkey, chicken gravy, *continental rice* (inside joke) which is basically rice and ugwu leaves (don't ask), king prawn sauce, sausages, puff puff and to top it off, chocolate cake and haagen daz ice cream. I definitely added instant pounds after that, even a crane couldn't lift me up lol.

I realized today that my inner child is an agbaya. I had to have a party cap and even did the whole 'aunty give me cake' whine lol. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day and Night!!!

Hi dolls... I wore this outfit yesterday. I wanted an outfit I could wear during the day and also pass for a night out (my first night out in ages and I had the flu). 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lingerie style

Hi dolls... My friend celebrated her engagement with an introduction on Saturday plus I had a few events to attend so I decided to wear this lingerie style dress. 

I felt a bit exposed going to her house (parents, relatives et al.) in the dress with super thin straps, so I threw on my VL jacket and the look worked. 

The neckpiece seemed a bit 'overdressed' with the jacket but I decided to leave it on.

Giveaway time

Hi guys... So three lucky winners, yes THREE, will get to win one item in this post. I love EOS lip balms and have been using them for a while now so I thought it would make the perfect gift for two lucky winners for the first giveaway. All you have to do is simple. Simply leave your name and email address and two winners will be chosen at random with a random generator. The winners will be announced on the 31st of July 2014.

This is a special giveaway, Indigo boutique X FAU will be giving away this fab vintage pearl brooch. 

The Rules:

1. Follow @indigoboutiques on instagram
2. Like this picture and leave a comment on their instagram page
3. Repost the picture and hash tag IndigoXFAU

The winner will be announced on instagram on the 31st of July. Make sure you follow the rules on instagram to win.

Good luck everyone!!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

100% Dope

Hi dolls... Wore this outfit late last week but just got round to editing et al. Neon is a big trend for me this summer and I love how it compliments black and white. 

Wide love

Hi dolls... I wore this outfit a few days ago and I'm finally blogging about it. I'm a big fan of wide leg pants so I was super excited when I found the ones I'm wearing in this post. I couldn't wait to wear them but I did not want to style them the normal way (i.e tucked in with a vest or shirt) so I opted for this...


Hi dolls... I decided to throw on some jeans and a body to run errands today. I'm pretty sure these are one of my fave jeans. I really don't know where the tush or hips came from but I just wanted to sing 'Will I AM - Feeling Myself' all day lol.

I finally got my brows threaded and tinted at Stella's Addiction Studio in Lekki (5 Wole Ariyo road) (will put up pics on instagram later) and I loved the outcome. My brows look awesome and I don't have to draw them in for a while :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Following 2 successful editions of RIP THE RUNWAY in 2012 and 2013 at Oriental Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island, Lagos, TUDORS GROUP spearheaded by Ogunbiyi Olubiyi is pleased to announce the third edition of the hit show this year RIPTHERUNWAYNG 3 (RTR3) 2014.

The event, now in its third year, aims to promote talents in the Music and Fashion industries by fusing performances by some of the most outstanding artists in the Nigerian Music industry and with a runway showcase featuring some of the most creative designs by top notch up-and-coming designers Nigeria has to offer, from Pret-a-Porter to Couture Fashion. This event goes beyond the efforts to support Fashion and Music, it also provides opportunities for philanthropic growth through the Walking The Runway for the Nigerian Child RTR Foundation, as a percentage of proceeds raised from tables sold at the event will be donated to a chosen charity organizations to encourage young students to follow their dreams as most of their schools are plagued with infrastructural deficit common to the Nigerian educational system..

Ogunbiyi Olubiyi producer of the show states: "I have very high expectations for the show this year. If you enjoyed the show last year, you are guaranteed a better experience this year. With this year's new additions and concept we plan to make the show more trendy, fierce and over the top. From the designers, music artists, top models and people in attendance, RTR2014 will surely create a greater impact this year’.

RTR2014 holds on the 19th of July of this Year at The Eko Hotel and Suites
Hosted by UnRashon and Misan FLS
With Rib Cracking Comedy from OMOBABA NO 1

Festuring top Designers- Jason Porsche • JReason • John Exzomo • Conae •Invasion L'Afrique • Demil • MOA • Jache Ramon • El Peri • Imperfectly Perfect • T16 • FS • Frisch and FayDead

Billed Acts by UK Dance Group D3 Dancers

Music and appearances by Patoranking • Davido • Danagog HKN • Slyde • Muna • Dj Olu HKN + More!!

For  Inquires/SponsorshipContact: 08142375209, 0816 688 8588

Media Supporters: Mnet 53 EXTRA, BELLANAIJA, STV, HIPTV, TooEXCLUSIVE + More

Proudly supported by COOLFM & WazobiaInfo, CityFM, AFROKINGS, Buyology and scoopconcepts


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Officially casual

Hi dolls... Had a traffic filled day so I'm happy to be back home cuddling Kenya. Nothing says casual like a good pair of denim, now picture a waistcoat denim jumpsuit paired with a smart shirt...!!! This has to be one of my fave white shirts (gift from my sister) so I look for every opportunity to wear it.

I am in love with this waistcoat jumpsuit. It can be worn as denim pants alone if you detach the waistcoat, pretty cool right? 

All that jazz!!!

Hi dolls... It rained all morning but was able to take a few pictures before heading to work. Pictures don't do this dress justice trust me, it looks amazing and the print is fantastic!!!

Shift dresses are big this summer... different fabrics, prints and styles. I'm a big fan of prints so I try not to go too crazy when I see a print I absolutely love like this one (my love for music doesn't help).

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Maleficent Monday

Hi dolls... Just a quick post to share my outfit of the day. Not a big fan of kitten heels because I feel I walk funny in them but I fell in love with this lady-like pair from Zara. 

It's fun being the last child because I get spoilt by everyone especially my only sister. She has to be the most amazing person wit the biggest heart and even though she has a baby, I'm still her first child lol.