Sunday, 13 July 2014

Happy Child

Happy Sunday dolls... Today has been eventful. It was my sister in law's sister's son's first birthday and I haven't pigged out this much in a long time. I wonder why I wore a cropped top today of all days. There was so much food and because I was spoilt for choice I had it all literally *hand over eyes*!! 

I had jollof rice, BBQ turkey, chicken gravy, *continental rice* (inside joke) which is basically rice and ugwu leaves (don't ask), king prawn sauce, sausages, puff puff and to top it off, chocolate cake and haagen daz ice cream. I definitely added instant pounds after that, even a crane couldn't lift me up lol.

I realized today that my inner child is an agbaya. I had to have a party cap and even did the whole 'aunty give me cake' whine lol. 

Top and Skirt: Indigo Boutique
Brooch: Vintage
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Slippers: Valentino

I met up with friends after to watch the world cup finals opening ceremony at the Bay Lounge in Lekki. I was too stuffed to even have a drink so I have visit again but I can tell you the decor is awesome. Its an outdoor lounge by the sea with an amazing bar list and I hear the Asun is on point. I will do a proper review when I go there again.

Have an amazing week!!!

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